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  • Through my experiences with different vendors throughout my career I have learned to appreciate competency, innovation, and commitment in the teams that we associate with. Your organization demonstrated all three, and a high degree of customer service. Read the full letter  
    Paul Staab, Director | VSPOne Olympia | VSPOne Hawaii
  • I would buy three FusionM® machines before I would buy a box coater because of the great flexibility it gives us.
    Marv Calahan, President, Vision Craft, Inc. Yakima, WA
  • With your experience and expertise we have minimized our remakes and increased our AR quality. Read the full letter
    Gerente General de Laboratorio, Optica Caroni C.A
  • The one surprise for which I was not prepared was the speed and level of support your company offers. Like most companies, we try to fix things ourselves. When we call for support, we really need it. When we have called Quantum it has typically been late in the week and an emergency. The response we got was nothing short of incredible. Read the full letter
    Charlie Foell, VP Manufacturing and Distribution, NVI
  • Thank you for your support through the changeover period that we have recently gone through with our AR processing. As you are aware, when we began our discussions our lab was facing some very tough choices; we had been informed that our current AR coater was not capable of producing a product that would be competitive with today’s premium products. Our choices were limited to a major reformatting of our entire system…or at the least, replacing our coater… With these costly choices, your fresh approach was certainly welcome. The software upgrades, equipment adjustments, technical guidance and new chemicals that you have provided have exceeded our expectations. We are now producing a product that is very competitive with the other premium products in the marketplace. We have received excellent feedback from our customers, which of course is the most important issue. Read the full letter
    Frank Soppa, VP Optical Services, Midwest Labs
  • We had a problem with our previous AR. By the end of the day we had a world class AR solution. Currently it stands over 30 boils. I don’t know how many customers we have acquired because of it. I do know that we have retained a whole bunch. Our customers are delighted. Our techs are delighted to be working with such a great process. Quantum has made a tremendous boost to our confidence and allowed us to quote and look at work we had previously been passed over for. Read the full letter
    Shazad Sheikh, VM Products, Inc.
  • Before the introduction of your Sentinel process, we had an average of 20 lenses (4% of total production) returned daily. Since we installed your process, we have coated just over 50,000 lenses, and less than 0.1% of total production has been returned. We are very satisfied with the results.
    Moisés Araujo, Orgalent Produtos Óticos